Notepad2 Bookmark Edition


The best substitute for the classic Notepad on Windows



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If you're looking for a replacement for the classic Windows Notepad, Notepad2 Bookmark Edition is probably the best you can find.

Notepad2 Bookmark Edition is a modification of Notepad2 that adds bookmarks along with some other improvements, ultimately making for a small, simple, and fast editor with syntax highlighting for common HTML languages. It also includes many other useful features like dragging, dropping, replacing keyboard shortcuts, blank spaces, zoom, etc.

This tool is useful both as a file viewer and text editor. It also has an ideal configuration for quickly viewing text files.

- Favorite lines with Ctrl + F2
- Jump between markers with F2
- Added wildcard search to replace dialogs
- Added Help buttons to find/replace dialogs with quick syntax references
- Hotkey assignment
- The number of selected lines is displayed in the status bar

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